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For reasons of our enrollment increase it was hard to schedule time to update to version 5.4, now because of certian issues that have risen we must now procede with this update on our virtual kbox 1000.  But as I look at the documents from KACE to do the update it states that our K1000_dbdata.GZ file size must be under 150MB to proceed. Our .GZ file size is over 255MB.  Can anyone tell me how to reduce this to under 150MB.  There was an answer on the blog, but because of sensitive material content, it was removed even though the person that tried that resolve said it worked.  Anyone out there have this same problem and if you found out how to do this, can you please pass it along to me.  Thank you


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  • Have you contacted support for assistance? Ours was only slightly over and they said go for it.
  • I ran into the same issue with an upgrade. Contact support, as Jbr32 suggests. In my case, I believe I had to FTP the database to support and they were able to shrink it. Definitely contact support for their recommendation.
  • Are there any best practices that I can follow for maintaining a smaller db size? I have had to contact support the past 3 upgrades for this same reason. Should I be archiving and purging tickets? Any other Ideas? It's really frustrating that I have to contact support every time I want to update.

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Contact support.

Why? There can be a major issue with the database (the 5.3.53053 had an issue which may bloated the database, I seen DB packed sizes up to 2GB)
Support will help you to check whats the cause.
It may be ok, because you simply have a big database because you are working intensively with the box (many clients, distributions, help desk etc) but this should be checked.
That's why the pretest is running, because if you update a corrupt or bloated DB it may run into a great mess. Also the update wil run for a long time!

Answered 01/31/2014 by: Nico_K
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I agree support has tools that they can run on the database to clean up the bloat...

Answered 02/01/2014 by: hmoore
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Support is able to bypass the pre-test once they determine it is safe to do so. 

Answered 02/03/2014 by: cblake
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