We have several computers found to be connecting at 100mb not 1gb like they should and need a report (or other) to find these and correct.  Is this info recorded in Kace?  I am unable to find or create a report with this info.  Maybe there is a script I create and run to find these machines?  Maybe a SQL report to find them? Anything would help!


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Create a custom inventory rule with the following (tested to work on Win7).  You can then report on the results.

wmic NIC where NetEnabled=true get Name, Speed
Answered 03/11/2014 by: jknox
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  • OK, dumb question, how to create a custom inventory rule? Or is it called something else?
    • Some examples:



      • Awesome...I have not done one of these before so it will something new to learn, thanks!
      • Well...I created a new rule using the links as a ref. and forced machine to update however nothing is listed under 'custom inventory fields'. The agent log shows 'Latest Log for 5.2+ Windows CI/Inventory' for one of the machines but nothing else? Does it take time for the results to actually show up?
      • Looks like the rule is not producing results as per the software-to-computer deployment details within the new software item I created with the rule inside.
      • This what I had to enter in the rule to get results - ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd.exe /c wmic NIC where NetEnabled=true get Name, Speed). Now just need to find a report?
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