I have a machine Smart Label whose contents I need to pass on to several other people to review and make notations.  I'd like to provide this list to them in such a way that they can use Excel.

However, I cannot find a way to export the contents of a machine Smart Label to any format.  I looked at the Label section of the K1100 itself and also tried to find a report or create a new one that would do this, but I can't find a way to do it, and a Google search has yielded no results either.

Is this even possible?  How can I do it?

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The quickest way would be to go to the inventory screen. Select your label under "view by" (upper right hand). After that "choose action" export to csv.

Answered 04/25/2013 by: dugullett
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  • I actually tried that already, and even though I checked the label I wanted, when I exported to .csv, I got a .csv that listed of all my labels, not the content of the one label I wanted.
    • Here's a sample query you can run. I'm not sure of all the info the "other people" need.

  • Dugullett, thanks for the query.

    I actually had someone in our Application Development department run a query yesterday (after I made my original post) to see if he could generate the .csv I needed and he was successful. I asked him today and he said that your query matched his rather closely with some differences.

    However, as someone who is not a developer in any way and has zero knowledge of SQL (I don't even know what running a query entails and what I would use to perform that task) I suppose I'm looking for some way to perform this kind of task with something that's built into the K1000.

    Your code will be helpful to others who do know SQL. I'm just not one of them. ;) I find it hard to believe there's no way to do this with the K1000's built in tools, but I could certainly be wrong. And if there isn't, then it's something I can add to the KACE feature request site.

    Thanks again.
    • There is a built in GUI that gets even better in 5.4. I rarely use that though. You can select the fields you want to report on, and then select the label(s) you want it ran on. I suggest taking a look at some of these for more info.

      Americas KKE - Reporting 101


      You can also to the query above and navigate to Reporting>Choose Action>Add New SQL Report. After giving it a title, description, and category you can paste in my above query into the "SQL Select Statement". I would say you've lucked out if you have someone who knows it. You can always post here what you are needing, and you'll usually get a fast answer.
      • Since you have someone who knows SQL have them download the MYSQL tools. http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/tools/workbench/5.2.html

        Username: R1 (with orgs)
        Password: box747

        This will tell you how to change it.
      • Thanks for the links. Unfortunately, none of the recorded KACE training sessions have any audio for me, so they have been pretty useless to me without the narration as their PowerPoint slides are far too basic. I don't know if it's something on my system, but I have audio for everything else.

        I am running 5.4, but not sure of the GUI you're referring to. I went to their supposedly new reporting tool and wizard, but became lost.
      • I call it GUI, but yes it's the reporting wizard. I would try reinstalling the Webex piece that's installed with it. It may be corrupt. Those videos will help you with the reporting wizard. Either that, or just post what all info you are needing and I can create the report for you.
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