I am trying to create a helpdesk ticket based off a Notification that is in plain text basically.

I have reached out to support and they said this is my best shot.
I created a notification and had it sent to my email with pc's that haven't synced in 5 days. Upon opening that email I see it is in a table format.

When sending it to the helpdesk and it creates a ticket is in plain text and space out vertically. Does anyone know any SQL to have it not format from KACE?
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  • Unless you send it as an attachment, I do not think this is possible. In Kace 5.5 tickets are displayed in plain text. Perhaps if you created a PDF of the email and sent it in as an attachment it would retain its format, but this seems like a lot of work. The other suggestion is to perhaps reference a custom view/ label in your email that a tech could view within Kace that displays the data accordingly.
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