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Is there a way to set the value via email of a custom field defined as a user?  I'm able to set the value of text fields successfully (for example, @custom_7=value).  However, when setting the value of a user field, ticket history shows that the field value has changed, but the field continues to display Unassigned.  When I redefine that user field as a text field, the value will display.

Alternatively, is there a way to write a rule that will convert the value in a text field to a user (look the value up and display the user's name in a custom user field)?
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  • Have you tried using the userID, or are you using their email address or username?
  • I've tried login name (username), Name, and email address. They all behave the same. History shows the field being populated, but it still displays 'Unassigned'. I also selected a user in the field manually, and then changed it via email. History showed that the field was updated via email, which changed it back to displaying 'Unassigned'. If I redefine it as a text field, the value is displayed consistently with the most recent History entry, so it appears that the value is going into the field via email as text, it's just not displayed when the field is defined as a User. I saved the activity logs and can open a service ticket if you want me to.

    My goal is to have users select a name on a request form, which would then populate the User field via email. Then a rule would look up the email address and place it in another field. I use this procedure in another queue, but the User field is entered manually in that queue rather than being set via email. If necessary as a workaround, we'll try to do the email address lookup externally and then send the email address to KACE.

    Here is a similar question from someone else, so it appears this has been occurring for a while: http://www.itninja.com/question/k1000-change-ticket-custom-user-field-via-email


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