I need to set up an alert of some kind notifying me when my company is using KACE to view my computer. Is there a way to also potentially modify what they can see so I don't have someone looking at what I do all the time?

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  • Kace is used to manage computers (application installs, patching, fixing things) not for spying. It does not slurp up your documents, read your email, or look at your internet traffic. It is an IT professionals tool.

    Plus, not sure about your company, but at least where I have worked anything I do on a company computer or email belongs to the company.
  • Agree with Jbr32. Kace is a system management tool used for inventory, hardware information, patching, removing software. It doesn't spy on you but as mentioned, if you are using a company laptop or system, that organization is allowed to do anything on it as it is company property.

    If you are worried about using that system for something that the company would frown upon, I probably would stop. Based on your company they maybe using other tools to check where you are going, what websites, blocking websites...etc , which are not a function of the KBOX.
    • I have one more question. How do you explain when my mouse sometimes seems to have a life of its own periodically and move around without me using MY mouse. Does that mean someone else on another end taking over my desktop? But again, you said Kace isn't used for that kind of operations, right?
  • Thanks for the reply NS.
  • As nshah states, if you have questions about the KACE agent, you really need to ask them to your company IT team if your equipment is Company issued.
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It is the companies computer not yours.  If you want to do things that are questionable or in violation of policies "BYOD".  Hell here the palo alto firewall logs every site, every picture, every computer whether you are using SSL or not.  I would worry more what the network poeple can see vs the kace techs.

What you perceive as Kace spying is most likely Ultra VNC doing that, Kace includes that freeware with the kbox. 

we have teamviewer, ultra and tight vnc running for remote access.

Answered 05/23/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • So when my mouse starts moving on its own all of a sudden, that means someone is on the other end looking at everything on my desktop as I'm working on a document, or in outlook or anything I'm seeing on my end? I just want to make sure that if I have this program on my computer - Dell KACE Agent V. 54.5315, how to tell if anyone is able to see my computer in real time etc... if that makes sense...
    • Look for the vnc programs, we push Uvnc to all kace installed machines. If you are an admin do not uninsstall since kace will most likely repush it, disable the service or delete the app out of your run keys. See picture above of msconfig, we have 3 different ways to get to your computer, but we always ask the user before remoting that is our policy, prevents the paranoia from users that we are big brother and spying on them. Sounds like someone in IT has too much time on their hands and does not have any ethics.
      • Ya I figured. Thanks for the reply though, much appreciated.
      • if you are not an admin, you should still be able to open task manager and end the vnc tasks after you login and that will stop that for till you logoff. Look for winvnc.exe or tvnserver.exe
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As nshah states, if you have questions about the KACE agent, you really need to ask them to your company IT team if your equipment is Company issued. 

They are the ones that push the agent and track.

Answered 05/27/2014 by: KACE_Mary
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I would say by default the KACE agent is not responsible for what you are seeing. If you are seeing your mouse move or other actions on your system not expected I would IMMEDIATLY let you IT and security teams know. 

At our company we make it very obvious we are connecting and if you are at your system you have the ability to cancel our remote share request. Sounds like either your IT department are small and using free tools or your system has other much serious problems.

Answered 05/28/2014 by: pierce
Senior White Belt

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