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How can i extract a .zip file using Install Shiwld 2012

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I have got a .zip folder which if i extract in the pC ehre i am packaging would take it's properties. So i need to place that .zip under C:\install and then extract it from there. How can i do it using install shield


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You can use the below vbscript in custom action


Option Explicit

Extract "<SourceLocation>\MySource.zip", "<DestinationFolder>\"



Sub Extract( ByVal myZipFile, ByVal myTargetDir )

Dim intOptions, objShell, objSource, objTarget

Set objShell = CreateObject( "Shell.Application" )

Set objSource = objShell.NameSpace( myZipFile ).Items( )

Set objTarget = objShell.NameSpace( myTargetDir )

intOptions = 20

objTarget.CopyHere objSource, intOptions

Set objSource = Nothing

Set objTarget = Nothing

Set objShell  = Nothing

End Sub

Answered 05/13/2014 by: jagadeish
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  • Thanks!!!
    But i was thinking if there i a way in which without a custom action this an be done.

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The answer is; you can't.  InstallShield can control the properties of the files, so you can extract them from the ZIP file, add them to your MSI, and set the file properties.

Answered 05/13/2014 by: vjaneczko
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