How can i develop a report to scan for machines that dont have certain software installed. Anyone have the syntax for a simple sql report to scan for machins that dont have the dell Kace agent installed?

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  • I don't think you can run a report on computers if the agent isn't installed, right?
    • Yeah I'm rather sure that the machines that don't have the agents won't be in your database.
      • correct. If you uninstall the agent it will be removed, w/o the agent no asset will be created
        Only if you enter the asset by hand you have one.
  • In our environment, new machines are entered into the Asset module by our receiving office, before the unit is unboxed or plugged in. We link Inventory and Asset on the computer serial number/service tag. so when the computer checks in for the first time, the Inventory record is automatically linked to the previously entered Asset record. We can run a report of all computer Assets that do not have a corresponding Inventory record. However, this report requires that the systems be entered as Assets.

    If all of your systems are on an Active Directory domain, you could export the computer records to compare with the records in KACE.

    About the only other option I can think of is to do an IP Scan on your networks and investigate active IPs with no matching Inventory record.
  • If you worry about machines on your network without the agent installed you can enable provisioning to these network and force the agent out this way
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