I created a user asset that has name, department, phone number, and location in it and created one user to test with. I wanted to create a ticket rule that would pull department, phone number, and location into custom ticket fields when a user's name is entered, but I'm not sure where to grab this information from. I have limited experience with MySQL. Selecting from Asset_type only gives me a list of the different assets (user, software, computer, etc.). Selecting from Asset gives me a list of the names of all of the assets, including my "test user." I can't exactly figure out where the information for test user is stored or how to set up the select statement that would grab all of the other information and put them into fields in the ticket. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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  • Creating a rule like this is possible but will require some knowledge of your database. You will need to enable the reporting user and setup a tool like MySQL WorkBench to look at your database directly. I'm willing to help but your table and field names will be dependent on your appliance so you will need to be able to look at the database to find that information.
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