If I understand correctly , Admin Script Editor 4.0 is free. But the generate code button and some other buttons are grayed out?

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  • Hello, I am having the same issue, was this ever resolved? Is there a fix for this? I followed all the directions below. Thanks
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It depends on which code generating feature you are looking to use, but the basic reason is that you need to have a script open and selected to receive the code being generated. For eample, if you are using Logon Script Builder and have chosen "VBScript", you need to have a VBScript document open in ASE to generate code. If you are using the Script Form Designer, and are creating a PowerShell form, you'll need to have a PowerShell document open in ASE to generate code. 

Answered 10/28/2013 by: bkelly
Red Belt

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I tried to create a logon script Builder . I will tryt it again.

I did review your instructions on youtube, too.

Answered 10/28/2013 by: ewtc
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  • I did installed on two PCs but it is the same result. Do I need to delete the script and then leave the blank page open to generate the code?
  • how to send the attachment to this forum so I can show you the screen
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Another possibility is that the COM object used by add-ins to send code to ASE is not properly registered-- reinstallation should address such a situation.

Answered 11/01/2013 by: bkelly
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