i have 2 files with the same name one is for 32-bit os and another for 64 bit os .during installation of msi i need to check the processor and the install respective file .how can i implement this in my MSI.

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  • do i need to create two component one for 32 bit and another for 64-bit machine.as i have two files with the same file name.plz suggest
    • Hi rarao90,
      yes you need two components one for the 32-bit file and one for the 64-bit file. They should belong to the same feature so that the feature is installed (or not) and then the condition on the Component will decide which file is installed. Keep the original files in x64 and x86 folders in your source structure but set the target folder to be the same for both files, because only one is going to get installed.
  • HI Thanks for your detailed explaination.
    Can you give your mail id so that if i have any doubts on packaging the application i can post you directly.one more thing i have validate it iam getiing the error the install dir is same for 32 and 64-bit os.how can i resolve this.
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Create separate components for the 32-bit and 64-bit files. For the 64-bit one set a condition to test the value of VersionNT64. If you are on a 64-bit processor this value will be the OS version as an integer in the form (MajorVersion * 100 + MinorVersion). The property is undefined on a 32-bit system. If you don't want to hard-code a version, test that VersionNT64 = VersionNT. On the 32-bit component you can do the same test with a <>  instead. You may be able to do an "If VersionNT64" and a "IF NOT VersionNT64" but I haven't used that test.

Answered 12/04/2013 by: olditguy
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  • Thanks for your valuable information.
    could you please let me know where can i set the condition .As i am new to packaging i dono how to set a condition.
    • Hi rarao90,
      If you are using Installshield go to the Components (under Organization), create your Component then click on the Component you created,the condition is the 6th item down on the right-hand pane.

      If you are using Orca go to the Component table, find the row for your component and there is a Condition column where you can set it.

      If you are using Wise Package Studio go to Setup Editor then Components tab. Add the component here. Double-click it on the right-hand pane and in the Component details dialog there is a Condition box below the GUID. Click the Build button to access the Condition Builder or type directly in the box. I prefer the builder as it can test your syntax.
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