I have created a new process to handle the tasks required by my helpdesk team to create new users. Several tickets are created off the back of the submitted ticket such as creating AD accounts, ordering hardware. The process is linked to a new parent ticket that has fields such as name, job desc etc. 

The process works perfectly, unfortunately the parent ticket is displayed in the queue drop down and can be selected independantly from the process, this then leads to the additional tickets not being created. If i remove the users ability to be submitters the ticket is removed from the drop down but when i choose the process the user doesn't have access to the ticket.

Is there a way to hide the parent ticket from the queues menu yet still grant access as the process?

Many Thanks

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  • I spoke to one of our professional services technicians and he mentioned that there isn't a way to hide the part ticket from a process and still grant access to the process.
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