the firs one is for the 32bits platform i did not have set any network password. but i don't hunderstand where does this password come. help me

the second image is for the 64 bits platform see this image. i can't hunderstand this error help me please.
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  • Do you mean you did not set any password or there is no option to set the password?
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About the first screenshot, it looks like you have booted into KBE but the KBD can not mount the samba shares it needs from the k2000. There can be several reasons for this.

1)  the samba share pw was changed on the K2000 but the KBE's were not rebuilt and so have the incorrect pw
          if you change the samba share pw you MUST build new KBE's to use it and your old KBE's will no longer work
2) the KBE you have may not have the network drivers needed to access the NIC on the machine you are booting.
    You may want to build a new KBE with the latest driver packs.
3) your DHCP server is not giving your machine an IP address.
     you can test this by creating the exact failure you show in the screenshot and from the command prompt
     type "ipconfig "   and see if you have an IP address.
                               if you don't you'll want to look into your DHCP server
     then type "kgetdhcp 66"   the response should be the IP address of your K2000
     if the response is "no date" or anything BUT the IP address of your K2000 you need to check out
      the dhcp server settings for Option 66
    then type "kgetdhcp 67 "    the response should be  k2000.0 or kbox2000.0   if it returns anything else
        check the DHCP settings for option 67

as for the second screenshot, I'm sorry I don't read the language so I am not able to comment.
I hope this helps a bit.
Answered 09/11/2014 by: genfoch01
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If these two scripts are being run via the K2000 using a system account, you are not going to have access to X: or Y: or ANY shares mapped to a local user, as the system account has NO access to mapped drives or any network resources.
Answered 09/11/2014 by: EdT
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Genfoch01 detailed what might be happening with your first screenshot. 

The second screenshot is telling you that it cannot find the setup.exe file for the Windows install. Y:\source_cds\## is the location Windows media files are uploaded for use with Scripted Installations. My hunch here is that you uploaded the raw ISO file to the K2000 using the Media Manager. Instead, mount the ISO to a virtual drive using something like MagicISO and then use the Media Manager to upload the contents of the ISO. Then remake the Scripted Installation using the new upload and it should go ok. 
Answered 09/15/2014 by: mpace
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