Hi Everyone

Im looking into using the helpdesk for complaints management where one user (maybe the receptionist or like) logs the complaint and then assigns an owner to the particualr ticket which could be any member of staff who would then add comements etc.

I have setup the helpdesk so that on one user can submit a ticket (by using a label) and owners are assigned. Owners are setup using a label which most staff are in this label

However, once a ticket is submitted and and the owner is assigned, that owner can then submit tickets which i dont want them to do. Am i going about this the right way or is this by design or  possibly a bug?

Many Thanks

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  • If I understand correctly, you don't want ticket owners to be able to create new tickets?
  • Yes thats correct Just update and close them
    • I don't think the permissions allow that kind of granularity. If you have write permissions to the service desk then you can create a ticket in that service desk. If your submitters are limited to one person then they can only select that one person (i.e. the receptionist) as the submitter, but they can create as many tickets as they want.

      Theoretically you could create a rule that if anyone other than the receptionist creates the ticket it gets closed automatically, but that's really fixing a people problem with technology, when it might be better to make sure everyone understands the policy that only the receptionist is to be creating tickets in this queue.
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