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Help to upgrade IBM Notes client via KACE

10/04/2019 157 views

Hello gentlemen,

Would you help me?

I need to upgrade all Client IBM Notes 9 to version 10.

Would you have any scripts ready to include in KACE to update clints yourself? Remembering that the only different parameter in the installation is the DATA that I leave in the root of C:.

I made a process that I upgraded MSI to kace and set the following parameter:

-s -a / s / v "/ l * v C: \ Temp \ verbose.log SETMULTIUSER = 0 MULTIUSERBASEDIR =" C: \ Data "DATADIR =" C: \ Data "MULTIUSERCOMMONDIR =" C: \ Data "/ qn "/ i

However it has equipment that corrupts the installation, others of disk space error and few works successfully.

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