Hello all,

I am trying to formulate a report that would give me the following layout:

Location     # of Tickets    Total Hours worked

If it could then nest the following under each location:

Department     # of Tickets    Total Hours worked


So with filling some info in:


Location               # of Tickets         Total Hours Worked


Head Office           40                           80


  HR                     10                           20


  Accounting         30                           60



Hopefully this make sense.

We use the user’s Custom 1 field for the department and the user’s location field for the location.  This is updated from our AD imports.  We also store this info in custom 3 and 4 in the ticket.

I have only started this project but since I have very limited SQL knowledge I thought I would get a post going before I loose what is left of my hair.  ;)

As for a time frame to look at would like to be able to run this report for the last month, quarter and year.

This does not sound like a small order so many thanks in advance for any input.

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  • You could do that via a SQL report.
    • That is my plan. I was hoping to get a little insight on what the SQL might look like.
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