I have an msi file which is at \\server\share\mymsi.msi

I have a batch file that sits in the same location \\server\share.

I can double click my batch file and it opens up a command prompt and I see "V:\folder\folder msiexec /i mymsi.msi /quiet" in the command prompt window.  

It runs fine and the software is installed.  

When I attempt to use K1000 to do this same thing, it fails.  

I tried a managed install first, and I found that because it uses "system" account it was failing or at least that is what I thought.  (I used psexec to open a prompt as system account and when I try to run the install from there it will not run)

So the answer was supposed to be to switch to using an online Kscript because you could configure some credentials to run under rather than SYSTEM account.  So I configured it to run under DOMAIN ADMIN credentials... 

My script has the box checked to "allow run without a logged-in user"

It looks like this..

verify 1.  launch "\\server\share\mybatchfile.bat" with params ""

That's it... The batch file itself contains "msiexec /i mymsi.msi /quiet"   (the msi file is in the same directory as the batch so it works fine like this.  I've tried both ways with the entire path spelled out and it still doesn't work.  

What am I missing?  

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I don't see why you are not uploading the MSI into the software inventory

and then using the managed install with the parameters you need.

But if you want to go the scripting way.....

Why not Zip up the MSI and the batch file together and upload it to the k1 as

a dependency.

then in the Task section "on success section" ------> launch program

leave the parameters empty, as you have them in the bat file.

I think it should work

Answered 10/05/2017 by: akmagnum
Red Belt

  • I have tried uploading the MSI and while that actually does work and the software gets installed, there is a problem that is left over... Which is that the app then seems to point to a non existent SQL server and it won't actually launch and work.

    There is an INI file in the share along with the MSI and it seems to list the SQL server that is used for the installation. I don't know how it all works together, but basically if you install the msi from that folder it works and is pointed at the proper SQL server.

    I could try uploading the msi and the ini file together but not sure if that will work.
    • Yes.. Put all the files that work in your test run into a zipped folder. Don't forget........zip the contents....NOT the folder.
      Try again as I said earlier, uploading as a dependency and running the bat file.
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Usually system account can't access network shares because of lack of permissions. I would suggest to set Read/Execute for Everyone's group on "\\server\share".
Additionally, it is recommended to use the full paths and create MSI installation log files for further investigation.

msiexec /i "%~dp0mymsi.msi" /qn /L*v "C:\Windows\Logs\MyMSI_Install.log   "
Answered 10/05/2017 by: rad33k
Fourth Degree Green Belt

  • If you read me initial post I changed from Managed install to online kscript. I then used domain admin credentials.

    Everyone group already has full control on the share and all files and folders within.

    I will try the %~dp0 next.
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