If so what do you think?

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  • Lots of great features in 6.0 including the major overhaul of the ui. Probably best to load it on a non production box.
  • As many quirky things my 5.5 box is doing I'm tempted to put 6 on it right now!
    • Have you loaded the 5.5 patch yet?
      • Yep. We've had patching issues, scripting issues, sso issues. The patchingproblem got so serious my bosses threatened to dump kace.
  • I'm going to let all of you beta test this release. the 5.5RC KILLED me and almost got the KBOX thrown out of the environment.
  • Have Dell released any information on this next upgrade yet? Would be good to at least see a list of new features/screenshots etc
  • news about k1000 v6 ?
  • Does anyone have a link to where I can see what the new version looks like? I would like to share it with my team so they are aware of the GUI Changes that were made to it
  • I believe there is a presentation from the user konference that is recorded online somewhere.
  • While the UI refresh and some common sense feature updates are welcome. I find it ridiculous that they won't give the administrators a choice between the Lumension patch feed and a live patch feed. In my environment, waiting 3+ days for security related patches to come down is far less than ideal. We invested in a copy of Setup Commander to help pick up the pace, but it has left our patching module pretty much useless to us.
    • What does Setup Commander do for you?
      • It automates downloading offline installers and generating transform files for many software titles. Take a look @ http://www.setupcommander.com/index.php/products
  • May 12th is the official release day.
  • That's good that we have an official date!
  • The Admin guide for v.6 is available
  • I am running v6 RC. A few big bugs in it. I have contact the 6RC support queue and have not heard a thing back. The asset view does not work in IE 9, 10 or 11 and for some reason you can no longer name 2 assets the same thing. For instance we have an asset type for Monitors. I name them all Monitor and then add details within the asset. Now if I was to add a Monitor or modify one it will say "there is already an asset named that". I am getting fed up with Kace. The support used to be awesome. Then Dell came along and destroyed it.
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I heard the official version was late Q1 2014 so not sure if the RC is out yet.

Answered 12/17/2013 by: nshah
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  • Yeah I heard the official release was in Q1 as well, but during that webcast they gave the address to email to get the RC first. MAybe it was Kace Konnect that sent that out. Either way they're asking for my MAC address to my kbox to do the update but I didn't really want to do it if all hell is going to break loose.
    • Yeah, I wouldn't do it on your production box or anything like that. We have a secondary box that we use for testing out new updates before going to production and that has worked out well for us.
      • Did you have to pay extra for the second box or did you just install it twice and it acceptabled your license?
  • I wish...We got a physical for production and virtual for testing. Easier with snapshots...etc if something goes wrong.
    • Yeah our box is virtual. I hoped you were going to say virtual ones could be installed twice.
      • You could always install it again and keep it on its own network. If you were just wanting to check out the UI.
      • That's a fantastic idea Mr gullett.
      • This is what I used to do prior to getting another VM to test. I basically had three machines, and the VM on the network. I would patch it first and verify nothing looked out of the ordinary for about a month. After that I patched my production box. The only bad thing is you can not simulate the load on the Kbox.
      • Did you have to use the offline update option to patch a box that wasn't on the network?
      • I usually just uploaded my backup from my PROD box. Although I guess the offline would work, even though I've never used it.
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