Hi all,

I've been a Kaseya customer for about 7 years now.  In my new role we have just purchased a K1000.  I have a wealth of Kaseya scripts that I've written over the last 5 years, and would hate for that to go to waste.  Anyone know of a way to convert these for use in KACE?  Is it even possible?

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  • Guess no one has ever done this... I've looked into how scripts are Exported from KACE and it doesn't look easily doable.

    The kpkg file is just a zip, but the actual script file seems to be a "smashed together" pseudo XML file with a bunch of weird specific code and junk. Too bad.
  • Hey, how did the migration go? I miss my Kaseya.
  • The migration went OK, you just have to be aware that there is a significant amount of work that you will lose by moving. Nothing can be brought across, so any scripts you've written can't be brought across.

    Tickets could probably be imported in some fashion, but we decided against it. Too much effort to go through getting a dump and mapping it back in via SQL
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