Hello fellas, Im currently working on SAS installation. First the instructions that were sent from SAS for installation were confusing and incorrect. Once I got  that figured out I moved to KACE to deploy it. I created a distribution package and realized I can not deploy it like that because it needs a response file to install with custom settings. So I created a script to run a batch file. Added the dependencies sas.exe and sdwresponse.properties and moved to task to run a batch file with the following commands xcopy sas.exe c:\ xcopy sdwresponse.properties c:\

sas.exe /verysilent -- -responsefile "c:\sdwresponse.properties"

Then is when more trouble started. I run the script and checked on the taskmanager, and saw were the installation was taking place. So I said cool is installing, then open Excel to see if the add is was there and nothing. I started to check on the script script seem fine. I created a script on the test computer with same commands and it run fine. SOmething was going on that was making the installation no to install properly. I copy the script from the local computer from c:\programdata\dell\kace\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\788 and added a pause to check was going on. I noticed were the dashes are it was putting weird characters, recreated the script from sctratch and it worked fine. Seems that KACE script does not recognize special caracters. what I end up doind is telling the script copy install files along with a batch file I created locally and then run the batch file once is copied to C:\ Has anyone experinece same situation?

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  • Excel add-ins are installed to the logged-in user's profile. If you had captured the app and built an MSI, you could've created the much-discussed-here self-healing feature tree. As it is, you'll need to build that functionality into a separate package.

    Search IT Ninja for Captain Planet's excellent script for handling Excel add-ins. It's built for use in MSI Custom Actions but anyone with a modicum of scripting knowledge could adapt it to run outside of a CA.

    The most important thing to remember is to NOT use the various other script examples around,as they tend to blindly install to the 'OPEN0' registry value which, if your users have other add-ins installed in that position, won't exactly make you flavour of the month!!
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