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I've created managed installs for our basic software needed on all staff computers. I'm trying to find a way to create a label to be able to deploy all the software to a freshly imaged computer. I also have a need for a  basic group for all public computers.  I just need a point in the right direction and I can research more in-depth, kind of a geek that way. I've only been using KACE for about 6 months, but have been working with computers since the DOS and Win 3.11 days. I love automation and I know with KACE this should be possible, but I have not had enough experience with it to begin to tap its full resources. 

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Update: This is some of our basic installs. I'm looking to create a group to add newly imaged computers. I can then update individual software and add back to the group as needed when updates or modifications are needed. I'll need several groups like this Staff, Public User, and VPN clients possibly.

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Yeah you can do a Custom Inventory Rule that pulls back the installed on date. 

ShellCommandDateReturn(cmd /q /c powershell.exe -command "gcim Win32_OperatingSystem | select InstallDate | format-table -HideTableHeaders")

It will look like this:


Answered 08/21/2019 by: brucegoose03
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Why bother with just targeting new computers? The appliance won't re-install the applications unless they get removed from the client. I would recommend creating your labels for your machine groups and then apply those labels to the appropriate managed installs and the appropriate computers. When new versions are released, update the managed install to reference the new version of the software and the appliance will start deploying the new version to the clients.

Answered 08/22/2019 by: chucksteel
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