We are new to the KACE 1000. The company I work for has 10 divisions and about 60 locations.

Each division has its own OU in AD as do the locations of those divisions.  All users and computers are placed in containers within the respective location.  Each location has its own IP subnet. Each division has its own machine suffix like A1, B1, C1. 

We have created smart labels based on IP and Machine suffix name and those work great.

Question: How can we group or label our AD users by division?  Can we label our users by their respective AD OU some how? Goal is to report how many users at division A are having issues compared to division B.

It seems like we have a lot of organized data in AD, but we cannot figure out how to group it together into a report or label.


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Nest the labels together based on their location. Using the create smart label use the drop down:


          Label name beings with chicago

or       Label name beings with new york

or       Label name beings with Florida

or       Label name beings with Washington, DC

then assign it a lable Division 1 and create smart label. If you need to add more labels the for 4 lines the wizard gives you, you can edit the smart label Sql




Answered 05/09/2013 by: nshah
Red Belt

  • We have over 5000 users in AD. I would like to create some sort of smart label that would auto assign the user to the right divisional label just like IP based or PC name based smart labels do.
  • is there something to key off of in their AD profile that you guys put there? The KBOX would need something as a primary key to find and assign a label based on that. Then it's matter of building out the search filter to look for it.
  • Each division has a unique domain name in the user's email address. Each division is all like separate company. Everyone's email was all imported from AD and visible from the Users tab. Perhaps we can parse the email address after the @ sign and group those users with a label relating to their division. All of which I am not sure how to do on a tactical level in KACE yet.
  • that might work
    I won't be able to test it but check out this site and you might be able to use one of these strings as your search filter

    All user objects except for ones with primary email addresses that end with test


    All user objects except for ones with primary email addresses that contain the word “testâ€




    The base DN would be something like :DC=your domain name, DC= are you a com, local, net
    The search filter could be like what you see but remove the ! so it looks for it instead of blocking it from the return result.
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see the note in this about machines vs users


Answered 05/09/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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Just a note about smart labels for users. They only get applied with the user logs into the KBOX, so if you aren't using self service heavily there's no guarantee that all of your users will get the appropriate label applied.

Answered 05/10/2013 by: chucksteel
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  • I did find that I can make 'regular' labels based on user accounts, so I created a label called Division A and used the wizard to create a conditional filter of 'email address ending in DivisionA.com' and called the new label DivisionA Users, but it still extremely limiting. I need a way to tie that data set into tickets or software inventory. I thought there was a way to tie labels to reports but I could not find it.
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