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I have a native .MSI from a vendor. I created a .MST for this .MSI and inside of my .MST I call a Wise .EXE I wrote that does some stuff. It works fine when run manually.
Inside of the GPO management console I create a new GPO. Under "User Configuration\Policy\Software Settings" I call my MSI and MST. I also pick "run at logon" and make it Assigned.
Then, back in the GPO management console under the Security Filtering for this new GPO I add 4 workstations.
I then "Link" this GPO to a Computer OU

It never runs. I will run gpupdate /force on my 4 machines, reboot them etc....etc....and the policy never runs.


If under the Security Filtering I remove the machines and add a User Account and then link this GPO to a User OU it Does work !! But then the MSI runs everytime the user logs in and we don't want that.

So I guess my question is can you have a User Configuration\Policy\Software Settings policy applied to a machine and make it only run at start up when the user logs in? And since it is assigned to the machine have it only run once.

What I am trying to install has to run under the Users context since it updates some data under the users profile.

Thank you.
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can you have a User Configuration\Policy\Software Settings policy applied to a machineIn a word, no. User assigned GPs have to be filtered on user accounts or groups containing user accounts.

For any GP query, running the Group Policy Modelling Wizard will be instructive. In this case, if you run it against one of the machines, you'll see the policy appear in the 'Denied GPOs' list.
Answered 10/16/2009 by: VBScab
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Very good....thank you !!
Answered 10/16/2009 by: mhsl808
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