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So I am running into an issue with this package.  I have created an mst and placed a property g2mrunatlogon=false.  When I install this application manually on a box it works out just fine and property shows up just fine.  But as soon as I deploy this package via SCCM 2007 this property is replaced with the value "True".  I have also passed this property in the commandline but no luck and it keeps on changing it to "True".

Any feedbacks/thoughts/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Only public properties are processed when passed on the command line and public properties must be in all upper-case.
  • Yes they are all in upper-case, except in my posting here I typed it in lower case. This is the property that Citrix mentioned in their documents that it can be either added to property table or can be passed on the command line.
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