So I've been playing around with the Get/Set Computer Script that Dell provides. I've run out of ideas as to why it isn't working. I have the preinstall task set with /dialog to prompt for the name.

I have the post set to /log and it is happening in the pre-boot environment in post install.

This is the log I'm getting.

2016-05-24 10:13:46 : ==================================================
2016-05-24 10:13:46 : Start of Set ComputerName log entry for 2016-05-24
2016-05-24 10:13:46 : ==================================================
2016-05-24 10:13:46 : 
2016-05-24 10:13:46 : Command line parameters: /log
2016-05-24 10:13:46 : 
2016-05-24 10:13:47 : Sysprepped = False
2016-05-24 10:13:49 : Getting OS information from drive letter: d:
2016-05-24 10:13:49 : Product Name: Windows 7 Professional
2016-05-24 10:13:49 : Edition ID: Professional
2016-05-24 10:13:49 : InstallationType: Client
2016-05-24 10:13:49 : Build Number: 7601
2016-05-24 10:13:49 : OS Version: 6.1
2016-05-24 10:13:49 : MAC Address: 34E6D72F3502
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : OS name is W7
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Computer Serial Number #: 701WK12
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Computer Manufacturer: DELL
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Computer Model is LAT E7240
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Chassis type: Laptop
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Asset tag is 
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Computer Name found on x:\ Drive and the name in the file is: ACARLSONTEST
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Computer name is Random, bringing up dialog to change it manually
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Computer name was random, name was changed via dialog to ACARLSONTEST
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : The file storing the computername was deleted from drive x:
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : 
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : ==================================================
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : End of Set ComputerName log entry
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : ==================================================
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : 
2016-05-24 10:13:50 : Log file was moved to workstation

Anyone have any ideas as to why the computer name is reverting to something else every single time?

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the get/set computer will not work if you do not have a <computername>*</computername> line in the xml answer file.

The get /dialog writes the name to a file

The set then takes that name and applies to the answer file by looking for  <computername>*</computername> in the file and replacing it. 

I had to create a mid level task to replace my answer file in my images because I did not put that line in.  In Win 7 days if you left that line out it would auto-prompt for a name.  They decided with win 10 if you do not put that in it uses a formula and creates a name for you.
Answered 05/24/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I'm sorry if this is a bad question:

    I am not using a sysprepped machine. Would it be possible for me to create an unattended xml with ONLY a computer name line?

    Then stick that in the image?
    • are you doing scripted install or deploying an image?
      • Deploying an image.
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      • you really should sysprep it to free up the SID also. If you do not want to do this you can poke the registry and set the name as a mid or post task or use a wmic call to rename the machine
      • also no you cannot just create a cheat file, the image will not go look for it since it has not been sealed with sysprep prior to capturing
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