Does anyone know if it is possible to get the org1 structure and content for offline development?  I like to work on the train home to create reports or plugins for a custom dashboard and would find it very useful to have a copy of org1 on my laptop.  This is for the k1000


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  • Hmmm...If you connect via access and download everything you could get the table structure/data. Granted its in access but it would give it to you non the less to start working on.

    Some people have downloaded the trail kbox and uploaded their backup. I don't recall if KACE stopped allowing you to do that or not.

    Also not sure if you can do anything with the backup file for the database by extracting the .gz file.
  • You might be able to setup something using MySQLdump:
  • If you have a MySQL server on your laptop, you can export/import the schema and refresh the data as needed. This is fairly easy in MySQL Workbench or other GUI tools. This will also minimize variance between development and production as both will be using MySQL server to execute queries.
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