Fully Automated Deployment K2000 using K1000

Hello everyone!

So, we are in the middle of our Windows 7 to 10 conversion. To help ease the process, I'm trying to create an automated deployment of our current image. In our business, we do not have access to PXE. We boot to the KBE using USBs.

Using a few guides here, I've figure out how to create a script using the k1000 to copy the KBE to the target computers, set it to boot after restart, and once booted in the the KBE it automatically selects the image and goes.

Here's the examples that I used to write the script:



I am having a couple of issues though. Once the KBE boots, it does exactly what its supposed to do. It automatically selects the image to deploy and runs the commands. BUT, after its done applying the WIM image, it exits back to the command prompt and stays here: