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Packaging Firefox 3.5.5 for silent installation via SCCM deployment. Got the package almost working as I want with specific config settings for our corporate environment. The last thing I want to do is import a user's existing Internet Explorer bookmarks but not have them see the Firefox Import Wizard.

I've added a fake profile.ini to prevent the Import Wizard from displaying if there isn't an existing Firefox profile on the PC (found this on a link from an AppDeploy message board page).

And I have a customized prefs.js file I'm adding to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile, and in that file is this line:
user_pref("browser.places.importBookmarksHTML", true);

Yet when I fire up Firefox after installing it, it's not importing my existing bookmarks.
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Does it work if you perform this manually?
Check the steps at: http://www.littletonville.com/asd/2008/06/how-to-recover-bookmarks-after.html
Answered 12/15/2009 by: AngelD
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No luck, I'm afraid. Plus an update to what I wrote earlier: I'm still having the Import Wizard show up, too, even with the script to create a fake user profile.

But back to the bookmarks: I noticed that after making the changes as outlined in the link you provided, when I restart Firefox, then type about:config and check the browser.places.importBookmarksHTML value, it's set back to false even though I manually set it to true.

I also have this line in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile\prefs.js:
user_pref("browser.places.importBookmarksHTML", true);

I thought that prefs file would override any user-specific settings. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something.

So two mysteries left to solve: why the import bookmarks setting keeps going back to False even if I manually set it to True, and how (if it's possible) to prevent the Import Wizard from running but still import the user's bookmarks.
Answered 12/15/2009 by: RonW
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See if you can find some answers at:
Answered 12/15/2009 by: AngelD
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