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Hi there,

I recently tried to create some simple scripts to run in KACE. After uploading the executable file as new dependency, I ran the script with simple switches; however, the file that is uploaded to $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR) is always corrupted. I found this because I can run the file on the computer to install but when I try to run the file in kbots_cache\package\kbots\xxx, the file always errors out. It seems the file is corrupted during the upload to KACE or download to the local PC.

Have anyone had this issue before?

Cheers, Alan

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  • Did you zip the file before you uploaded it. If not try that. Kace will automatically unzip it in the dependency directory. No need to modify your script to unzip.
  • Hey SMal,
    Thanks for the advise. I tried to zip the files too, but it didn't work either. I am suspecting that after we upgrade KACE to 8.1.52 (From 7.2.10), it messed something up. One thing I noticed is that kbots_cache default folder is moved. It used to be in ProgramData\Dell\Kace\... and now is in ProgramData\Quest\.... I wonder if I need to grant permission to the folder so when file is downloaded to the folder, it gets downloaded properly. Although, I have no idea what I need to do to set it correctly.

    Cheers, Alan
    • the needed rights should be preset by the client install. What is the file extension that is getting corrupted?
  • if you drag and drop the file from the cache to the desktop does it work? Also try to disable your AV temporarily to see if it is the problem
  • Are you using Firefox?

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