I have seen that sap team can never this question is there anybody who can help me?

I have been facing the .sapssd issue from long time, I get the below error when i try loogin into .saplogon application.

"do you want to open or save this file". I don't require this extension. Unfortunately, i can't delete this file ext from the windows vista machine as i don have the option. Is there anyone who can help me in removing this extension from the machine.

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  • If you want to kill the default program to open it, since it is a known file extension.

    We skipped Vista since it sucked so bad, but I believe it is about the same as win 7 to do this. Look for that extension as a keyset: HKLM\software\classes\.sapssp
    export for safety and then delete that keyset and all subkeys, then that extension will have no known associations
  • i did everything... it still reamins in the default programs.....
    • Are you doing this thru a browser? It could also be in the default programs/applications for that particular browser under the browsers option settings
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