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Hello everyone,
I would like to ask a question here in the hope that someone will be able to help me solve my problem.

We have a Mac that was no longer in the K1000 inventory. We recovered it, updated it and of course reinstalled the KACE agent. However, when installing the agent, several errors occur:

[2018-10-30.13:48:31][runkbot:BuildKbotUploadUrl      ] KBotScriptLog::BuildKbotUploadUrl - FAILED to get kuid!

[2018-10-30.13:48:32][runkbot:GetUploadURL            ] KBotScriptLog::GetUploadURL - Failed to build the upload url

[2018-10-30.13:48:32][runkbot:Upload                  ] KBotScriptLog::Upload - server [] failed to return valid upload path for kuid=[]: path=[]

[2018-10-30.13:48:32][runkbot:Upload                  ]                (returning without attempting to upload log file)

[2018-10-30.13:48:32][runkbot:Cleanup                 ] KBotScriptLog::Cleanup - Cleaning up log file [/tmp/1315-83e3-d0e6-65ed]

We tried to remove the agent, install it manually with the.dmg file.
We took out and reintegrated the computer into the domain.
We tried a provisioning agent that didn't work either.

Agent version:
If someone can check this post.. thank you in advance!

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Please check if the hostname is correct in the amp.conf file and is resolvable. 
Answered 11/02/2018 by: AbhayR
Red Belt

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply.
    The hostname is correct and also resolvable ...
    • Please check konea.log file in the same directory as amp.conf and see if there are any connection issues reported
      • the konea.log file does not appear in the folder... Is that normal?