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Extremely long imaging on Alienware

03/09/2016 1016 views
We have Alienwares set up for one of our labs.  The imaging time, if it does not fail, takes 10 times longer than any other machine (such as a 9030 or 7450).  I'm not sure how to go about diagnosing this or seeing what I settings are incorrect.  This is a new image.  Our previous Kace tech is no longer here to help so I'm hoping the community has some suggestions for me.
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  • Do these Alienware devices have MVNe drives (i.e. Mini-PCIe SSDs) in them? Also, are you using K-Image or WIM? I've noticed a large increase in the time it takes to deploy a K-Image to these specific types of drives, vs SATA drives (mechanical or SSD)
    • No, they have Samsung EVO SSD's. I'm trying it both with K-image or WIM. Both have the same issues.

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