When I export scripted installations so that I can back them up, does that automatically include the post-installation tasks or do I need to export those separately? Also, is it possible to look inside a pkg file to see what's included?


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Exported SI packages include sources and installation tasks. The pkg files can be viewed with 7-zip.
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Both Scripted Installs and Images have always exported pre/mid/postinstall tasks in the .pkg file.

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Answered 08/15/2013 by: cserrins
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  • OK, thanks.
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You need to export the PI and the source DVD too.

Answered 08/15/2013 by: Nico_K
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  • Wow, really? The exported file is 8.5 GB. If it doesn't include at least the source DVD (which is 4.2 GB), what does it include?
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I believe you can browse the .pkg file with 7-zip.

Answered 08/15/2013 by: nheyne
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  • Thanks. Yup, it opens and shows a file with no extension. Double clicking that inside of 7-zip unpacks the file in place, and then I see several levels of zip files and folders.

    One folder is named "Sources" and includes the WIM files, as well as a ton of dll, etc. Wouldn't this be the source DVD?
    • Yeah 8.5 GB should include the source media, unless you have additional software that is that large.
  • OK, just looked through it more. Each pre-install and post-install task shows up in the exported SI file as a separate pkg file that includes the exe or msi file, install commands, etc. So it's all included in the SI export.

    Thanks, everyone.
    • well, thats new. but good to know.
      • Yup, lots of improvements lately. Really itching to get SSO for the k1000. Maybe I'll roll the dice and install the 5.5 RC.
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