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Ok so we are moving away from kace as our place to store knowledge base stuff and going to be using confluence. i need to export to entire knowledge base to another format that i can use to import in to confluence. i tried to use SELECT * FROM ORG1.ADVISORY; in reports to export to a CSV but i did not get the entire "TEXT" field.

I need to report to be able to give me everything from every field. Any help is welcome. Thanks 
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  • what are you using to query the database?
    • well from what i found the guide had told me to do it in the reports section from with in kace. Im by no means a database person so any help as to what i should be using to get what i need would be helpful. Thanks

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  1. Download and install Toad for MySQL (link)
  2. See this KB article for details on installing the MySQL driver
  3. Start Toad and create a new connection. The details for this connection are located in step 6 in the numbered list in the KB article.
If your knowledge base table has thousands of rows then use the "Export Wizard" in Tools > Export > Export Wizard. Otherwise, run the query in an "editor" window then copy/paste the results to your favorite spreadsheet program.

Technical note: the database engine of KACE is actually "MariaDB" and not "MySQL" but they're essentially the same thing: MariaDB has a few more features and is not owned by Oracle.
Answered 06/21/2017 by: JasonEgg
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