We have ran into a very strange kind of problem. When Sugar Sync is running in background and we try to right click any file/folder on computer, we are presented with big fat message of explorer.exe crash. Following is the dump of the crash

Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name:BEX64

  Application Name:explorer.exe

  Application Version:6.1.7601.17567

  Application Timestamp:4d672ee4

  Fault Module Name:SugarSyncVFSNamespace64.dll_unloaded

  Fault Module Version:

  Fault Module Timestamp:536923dc

  Exception Offset:000007fef2ead418

  Exception Code:c0000005

  Exception Data:0000000000000008

  OS Version:6.1.7601.

  Locale ID:2057

  Additional Information 1:9968

  Additional Information 2:9968fd666a6ed58efbbe53652b5b6bd1

  Additional Information 3:24a1

  Additional Information 4:24a1f2c5b2f2b5c4b0f8d6a1f0e7a74c


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This issue was traced back to the vendor site to see if the application with the version provided to us has any known bugs. Refer the following web page for the entire conversation that took place between different users of the application and the support team of the application. 


However, all we could trace was users reporting the explorer.exe crash. though some non authentic forums have suggested issues which sound absolutely absurd to us, like mentioned below

a.    Start the computer in safe mode with command prompt.

b.    On the command prompt type “msconfig.exe” without quotation and hit enter.

c.    Then follow the steps in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135




Another solution mentioned on microsoft forum is as follows


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  • try disabling your AV and see if it works
    • Application is running on a 64-bit VM. no AV installed. Just basic firewall settings. i'll try to fiddle with those settings. Lets hope that works
    • Could try an older version of Sugar Sync? They could of introduced the issue with the bug fixes.

      Also try on a 32bit Windows.

      Thats my 2 pence worth.
      • I had that in mind, but the end user has reported the source to be working with them.....so i guess anyways i have to make the crash disappear
  • Seems i'll have to go for a silent installation of the application. But we have a catch there as well. SugarSync is a NSIS installer. So it supports /S for complete silent installation. However, the same doesnt holds true for uninstallation. Can anybody suggest me some solution for uninstall
  • Have you found a solution for this yet? I'm not sure of a silent uninstall for sugarsync but have you tried to disable the sugarsync shell extension? If the right clicking of files crashes explorer maybe the sugarsync shell extension is crashing it, not sure but it's worth a try. You can download ShellEXView to easily find and disable it here:http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html
    • well, if i was an end user, i wouldnt want the shell extension to be disabled. Since i cant keep dragging my files over and again to the application which by then would be sitting in system tray. I would need a shortcut, a context menu. But yes, as a part of trial and error we did try it, but nothing worked. I am not very dead sure if its my VM or the application that's causing the trouble.
      • Ok. I was only suggesting this as a troubleshooting step.
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