Have a working Dell 9010 AIO system
  Take a KACE Image of it   (not a sysprep)
  Deploy to new out of box 9020 AIO
  apply updates and fixes we needed to do.
  9020 AIO works fine.
  Take a KACE Image of the 9020 AIO
  Deploy to a second new 9020 AIO and blue screen...
  Deploy to other Dell hardware (9010 AIO, 9020SFF, 9010DT, and all work fine. (so deduce image is fine)
  Deploy back to original 9020 AIO (from which the image was created) and unit blue screens.
  Have not been successful to resurrect either 9020 AIO since
 Running BIOS diagnostics has suggested that the hard disk has failed, error code
   DST short test error code 2000-01 42
 It seems the deploying process has somehow trashed the hard drive.

  Boot a USB-PE and look at disk in 9020 AIO and partitions seems fine,
  We seem to be able to interrogate the drives/partitions.
  But boot will not work
  Original DVD repair fails to fix problem.
 Trying a fresh install from DVD of OS seems to have revcovered the disk and it boots fine.

 Anyone got any ideas...?

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  • Experienced a similar problem but with the video card. I contacted Dell for a replacement. I don't think it's your image.
  • Sounds like without running sysprep, the image applies fine. But running sysprep is the difference??
    I have had issues with sysprep uninstalling the video driver ever since 390/790s. Maybe the SATA driver is getting removed from your image? You could try injecting it after the image has been captured. The fresh install successfully recovering the drive seems to point to it being software at some level.
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Have you tried  go to a older bios?

Normally when I see a computer blue screen after a image  I make sure the drivers are installed in the Driver Feed.

In driver feed you need to make sure you are looking at the manufacture name " Opt 9020 AIO"  and  not installing drivers for a Opt 9020.

Then if drivers look good  I will go back one bios   A06  to A05  then image it again. Or could be need to go  A06 to A07.


Answered 07/22/2014 by: TimHR
Orange Senior Belt

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