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I am deploying a package via SCCM on vista as well as XP.It works fine on Vista but doesnt run on XP.It fails and then starts running again.Its an endless process.It keeps retrying without any success.Below is what I get in SCCM report for this package :

The program for advertisement "A00208FF" failed . A failure exit code of 1622 was returned. User context: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Possible cause: Systems Management Server (SMS) determines status for each program it executes. If SMS cannot find or correlate any installation status Management Information Format (MIF) files for the program, it uses the program's exit code to determine status. An exit code of 1622 is considered a failure. Solution: For more information on the exit code, refer to the documentation for the program you are distributing. This program will be retried.

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Whats your install CMD line in the package program? I suspect your writing a to a log path location in WinVista which does not exist in WinXP. The MSI can not create log path folders, they have to be pre populated.


Answered 05/17/2013 by: rileyz
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  • u r correct :) that was the problem...i have corrected it now...Thanks a lot for ur prompt reply...m new to SCCM....but after reading your answer it seems to be a small issue..:))
  • No worries, we all start somewhere. I recommened testing the command lines on the target machines first then saving them to notepad - the install and uninstall cmds that you will use. It really REALLY sucks when you spend 4 hours debugging a install only to find you mistyped something into SCCM. And when your checking the cmd line in that teeni tiny field you always miss something, as you can tell its happened to me a lot.
    Copy and paste, nice and safe (:

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I think this is what rileyz was referring to in the top results per Google. Glad I could search it for you ;)


Answered 05/17/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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  • Thanks....i just went through it......before seeing ur posts.....but was not quite sure about it....then checked ur answers and found it really was a problem with the log path...
  • No sweat, glad we could help.