I have been playing a lot of catch up with our k1000 since I inherited it, so forgive me if i'm missing something obvious.
I am finally getting around to upgrading our kbox to a more current version (hopefully to 6.x soon), but i am stuck.

I recently upgraded to 5.5.90545 and i'm trying to upgrade to 5.5.90548 and i'm receiving an error when trying to do so.

"Incorrect server version 5.5.90545 for this patch file 5.5.90548"

Has anyone else here seen this or know how to fix it? I do have a ticket in with support and am waiting to hear back.

Here are the last few lines from the log.

[Mon Dec 15 11:57:08 CST 2014] [notice] Syncing mysql system tables for mysql version...
[Mon Dec 15 11:57:10 CST 2014] [notice] Refreshing mysql system help tables...
[Mon Dec 15 11:57:11 CST 2014] [notice] Applying DB privileges...
[Mon Dec 15 11:57:11 CST 2014] [notice] K1000 Server Update 5.5.90545 Complete.
[Mon Dec 15 12:16:42 CST 2014] [notice] Incorrect server version 5.5.90545 for this patch file 5.5.90548
[Mon Dec 15 12:29:15 CST 2014] [notice] Incorrect server version 5.5.90545 for this patch file 5.5.90548
[Mon Dec 15 13:15:41 CST 2014] [notice] Incorrect server version 5.5.90545 for this patch file 5.5.90548
Answer Summary:
The file that was labeled 5.5.90548 on the support portal was in fact the incorrect file. You need the one from the link https://support.software.dell.com/kb/SOL123266 I had to have support download this for me. After that everything went smoothly.
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  • Can we see the last 20 so lines from the Log -> Update log
  • Sure there they are. I'm convinced that the file i have for the update is mislabeled. I am waiting for support to get me the correct one so i can continue with the upgrade.
  • Any resolution on this? I am experiencing the exact same problem.
    • Yes, I just put the answer summary together for you.
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Answered 12/15/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • No, i downloaded it from - https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/5.5.90545/download-new-releases

    I cant seem to log in once i click download on the link you sent.
    • do you have a kace account? if not under the login you can signup and get the file from there. k1_5_5_Consolidated_Security_Performance_20140416.kbin, then from that you can go to v6
      • Yes, At least I used to (before the new support portal), the password reset prompts etc all take me to the "new" support portal, which i am able to log-in to. I just cant log in at that one particular screen.
      • after you login to the dell portal go back to that page and does the here link start a download?
      • Even if i am logged into the dell portal, the link asks me to log in no matter what.

        Also, on a hunch i compared the md5 of 5.5.90548 and 5.5.90549 and they are identical so i suspect someone uploaded the incorrect file.
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