Error pushing script - "No User logged in to console"

We've deployed serialized device licenses for Acrobat DC. Some users are suddenly losing their licensing and being prompted to log in with Adobe credentials to use Acrobat. I'm still trying to sort that issue out, but in the meantime, have created a script that uses Adobe's licensing tools to remove any licenses and then reapply the serialized machine license. The batch file works well locally, and succeeds about half the time when deployed using Run Now scripting through the K1000. When it fails, the Run Now Status Activity Log shows the following error:

2015-11-03 14:10:06: Error 6002 received while executing script
2015-11-03 14:10:06: Run As Console Logged in user failed: No User logged in to console
I've googled the error and found some ITNinja articles dating back to K1000 5.x, but we're running the latest (6.4.119927).
Trying to track down the issue - what should I be checking?

Or - is there an ITNinja blog/question already addressing this that I'm not finding?

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  • I am having this same issue. Even if I use online KScript and set "Allow run without a logged-in user"

    Didn't start seeing this until these versions.
    Server: 6.4.120261
    Client: 6.4.180 - gerane 6 years ago
  • Any resolution. Seems like a pretty dumb error. I' running as administrator with admin credentials and I still get this error. On the 4 it said it was successful it was not. - anaccarato 6 years ago
  • Have you found a solution to this? I'm experiencing the same issue. I've tried every "Run as" option and always get this error. My script works running locally outside of K1000. - John.Cornell 5 years ago
  • Also just found this lovely bit of brokenness today. :( - ptietjens 3 years ago
  • Anybody else running into this? I've seen it intermittently as well. No fix that I know of, but from what I can tell it SEEMS to be related to network traffic since I usually get the error if the network is busy or if runkbot needs to copy a large file over. - tech07 5 years ago

Answers (4)

Posted by: sarahmurray 6 years ago
Orange Belt
Finally taking the time to work through my list of annoyances, and this is next.

I created another task today and received the same error, only that was the message I got before I thought to update the Script File Name field to have a .bat extension rather than a .sh (got tripped up working in a multi-platform world). That said, on previous scripts, I know I have received this error when a .bat task was sent and succeeded on some machines but not others. One thing I noticed when working though this today is that for this script, when the .sh is already in the KACE\scripts folder on the target device, the .bat won't overwrite it, but still shows as succeeding to execute from the Run Now Status window. It is possible the tasks I had succeed on some and not on others was because the others were still holding older scripts (possibly .sh files) in KACE\scripts folder that the working .bat couldn't write over, yes?

Thanks for your time on this.
Posted by: JasonEgg 6 years ago
Red Belt
I just encountered this error on a Mac VM. Is there a way to force running as root in the script XML?
Posted by: SMal.tmcc 6 years ago
Red Belt
what are your settings under "Windows Run As"

  • Local System, and it sometimes fails when I am logged into the target machine myself (as admin) with the "No User logged in to console" error message at failure. I can't seem to find a pattern. - sarahmurray 6 years ago
    • what version is your kbox and clients? - SMal.tmcc 6 years ago
      • kbox - Version: 6.4.119927
        clients - mix: 6.3.314, 6.4.180 - sarahmurray 6 years ago
      • are the ones failing 6.3 clients, there was a bug I saw on the forum like this that was going to be fixed in version 6.4 - SMal.tmcc 6 years ago
    • Did you ever get this resolved? I am now seeing the same behavior with my system. - htomlinson 6 years ago
      • I haven't yet - been side-tracked working on K2000 imaging issues (possibly related(?) - we've made a considerable number of network changes in the last 6 months or so). - sarahmurray 6 years ago
      • having stated that, let me add - the machines that return the "no user logged on" error still successfully process inventory updates, so the K1 and agent are communicating. - sarahmurray 6 years ago
Posted by: CraigT 6 years ago
Orange Belt
Your script is set to run as the current logged on user and no one is logged in.  If you can execute without the user credentials run as system and check the box marked "Allow run without a logged-in user".

  • My script is set to run as system: "Run the Online Shell Script and KScripts as LOCAL SYSTEM account."
    It works on some systems and not on others and i've been unable to establish a pattern. - sarahmurray 6 years ago
    • Did you check "Allow run without a logged-in user"? I forget to check this all the time. It's located under the Schedule section. - CraigT 6 years ago
      • That option is available for Kscripts, not shell scripting. And the part that has me puzzled is that in testing, I can be logged in to machines myself (admin credentials, even) when the script is running and it fails with the mentioned error message. - sarahmurray 6 years ago
    • Were you ever able to get this to work? Mine was working but now errors out with the 6002 error (no user logged into console). KACE 6.4.120822 It's an Online Shell Script. It used to work. - kenrinc 5 years ago
      • I've had intermittent success with this. I started using work-arounds, and have recently returned to scripting and not had the same issues. That said, we have updated to version 7.0.121306, and most of my recent testing has been since the update. - sarahmurray 5 years ago
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