In 5.2 we are consistently getting an 'error' when importing a Queue from the SAMBA Share.  However, the queue seems to be imported fine.


ERROR:  mysql error: [1054: Unknown column 'NAME' in 'field list'] in EXECUTE("UPDATE CUSTOM_VIEW SET NAME='email_error',SUBJECT='[$ticket_number] ERROR',BODY='While handling your mail to $helpdesk_name, the following errors occurred:\n$error_text\n\n$quo

What is this telling us?  Can this error be safely ignored? 

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There is no Column NAME in the table CUSTOM_VIEW, hence the error.

Post the ticket rule and we may be able to tell you more

Answered 01/07/2013 by: jdornan
Red Belt

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BTW: I have ticket 289632 open with KACE support on this. 

Answered 03/04/2013 by: Thatcher.Deane
Senior Yellow Belt

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Based on the error, my initial impression is that it's either related to the imported queue having the same name as an existing queie, or an issue with a ticket rule in the queue.  I've found from experience that custom ticket rules aren't included when exporting/importing a queue, so this may be related to a canned ticket rule that didn't match up with a column.  Also, just out of curiosity, are the versions the same on both source and target K1000s (I'm assuming there's two, based on your previous question) - if different, the error may relate to a column (NAME) that's present in the source K1000's database, but not in the target.

You should be able to ignore the error, assuming you are going to run with your own ticket rules to handle mail flow.  But I'd personally test the canned ticket rules out and verify nothing is unrecoverably broken due to the (apparent) column name mismatch.  Also, if the K1000 versions are different, I'd get the target one to the same version and re-import the queue.


Answered 01/07/2013 by: jverbosk
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  • Hi John, I didn't get notifications for your's and jdornan's posts and didn't look back until close to needing to do this in production. So a belated thanks for your post.

    The import is back into the same K1000 so both are KBOX in 5.3 (not 5.2 as I posted the question).

    I did ignore the error in our testing and experienced no other problems but we did not test email rules... I'm not sure we can do that before production but I'll look into it. Thanks again for the comments.
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