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Hi all,

I'm trying to play around a bit with Group Policy deployment as I may be coding a widget around that to help our customers deploy through GPO.

I'm trying to create the administrative installation point, but I keep getting the following error, no matter what I try..

"Error 2203 Database: c:\Program Files\OurCo\OurProd\Client\Install\clientinstaller.msi

Cannot open database file. System error -2147287008."

I've tried everything to ensure the proper permissions are allowed on the Target directory, file, etc, but nothing seems to work.  Any ideas??

Any help appreciated!


Answer Summary:
TARGETDIR should not be pointing to the folder where the main msi is located. Select some other location where the installer has write permission to extract files/folder along with msi.
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Can you post the command line which you are trying to execute here

Answered 10/02/2012 by: jagadeish
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  • One quick question.. Are you trying to do Admin Installation without passing TARGETDIR="<The location where you want to extract the files and msi">.. Because the above post says, the msi file is getting extracted under C:\Program Files\....\.. folder or are you trying to do Admin Installation to C:\Program Files folder..
  • No, I tried both passing TARGETDIR as the path described by the message with /qb! as well as setting the TARGETDIR in full UI, but there was no difference - error.

    I am trying to extract to the same folder as the one holding the .msi. Maybe that is the problem so I will try extracting to another folder.
  • That is exactly what it was. I was setting the TARGETDIR to the same folder as that housing the .msi. After extracting to another folder (set TARGETDIR to another location) all seemed to work.

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  • I had actually seen and tried all the recommendations in these posts previously, but no good results.