My package installs couple of files on %appdata%/micrsoft. I have created an msi file and application install wells and i can those files for the users. When looking at SCCM reports or log file it shows error 1603. May i know why this error message is. Can u tell me how i can get rid of this error and get main thread returning zero. If i can't get main thread Zero i can't deploy this application as SCCM reports says its Error 1603.
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1603 is a generic error. Do you see the same error when installing stand-alone?

A verbose log will highlight which action is causing the error, of course.
Answered 04/27/2011 by: VBScab
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1603 is one of those wonderful generic errors that Microsoft gives you. the issue is usally something wrong with WMI on the machine that you are deploying to. Depending on what OS your running there are a couple of tools you can download to fix this. Do a google search for sccm cleint center. This is a tool that I use alot to fix and troubleshoot issues with the sms clients. Also make sure the latest and greatest service pack is install on your machine. If it is rerun the service package and that usually fixes the issue also with WMI.
Answered 04/27/2011 by: stvogil
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I'd take issue with the assertion that 1603 errors are normally connected with WMI. As you point out, it's one of those Microsoft messages that says "Something went wrong. I have no idea what but I have to tell you something, so pick the bones out of this."

Quite how installing SCCM client would fix WMI issues is another puzzle.

As I mentioned, the first stage is always to take a verbose log of the install. Without that, anything else is pure guesswork.
Answered 04/28/2011 by: VBScab
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Hi Usha,
go through this

How to fix this Error1603

The following solutions have resolved this error in the majority of cases:

1.Make sure short file name creation is enabled on the target machine. You can check to ensure that the target machine does not have short file name creation disabled by navigating to the following registry entry:


Make sure the value "NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation" is equal to 0. This indicates that short file name creation is enabled. A value of 1 indicates that this functionality is disabled. You should change the value to 0.

After modifying this value, the target machine should be rebooted before attempting to launch the setup again.

Note: If the target machine should normally have short file name creation disabled, it can be disabled after the install completes by resetting "NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation" to 1 and rebooting.
2.To ensure that the Windows Installer Service is properly installed and configured, it is recommended that users install the file InstmsiA.exe on Windows 95/98/Me or InstmsiW.exe on Win NT systems. These files are shipped with your InstallShield product and are located in the following location:

<Product Path>\Redist\Language Independent\i386

3.Empty all temporary folders. The specific temporary folders for a machine can be determined by accessing the DOS prompt and typing set. Note the values listed for TEMP and TMP, and delete all files in those locations.
4.Make sure no other applications, including utilities such as virus scanners, are running in the background. Close all running applications and utilities, and launch the installation again.
5.If this error occurs during un-installation, use the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp utility to uninstall the installation.
6.Once the installation has been successfully un-installed, you can then debug the project to determine what caused the original error.
Thanks to Puneet for sharing this information with me.
Answered 06/22/2011 by: hari4243
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Hi usha,

as error 1603 is a generic one.their can be various reasons.As Vbscab metioned you can check the log for the reason.altough their can be any of the below mwntioned possibilities:

1.Short file name creation is disabled on the target machine.
2.A file is locked and cannot be overwritten.
3.The Microsoft Windows Installer Service is not installed correctly.
4.The Windows Temp folders are full.
5.The setup was corrupted after installation and, therefore, fails with this error during un-installation.
6. A general error occurred during the installation.

Answered 06/23/2011 by: mayur_mak
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error 1610
Answered 07/11/2011 by: reddappa
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Thanks for sharing!

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Answered 07/13/2011 by: zkva1
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