Hey everyone,

Brand new to Kace and brand new to ITNinja. I was wondering if anyone knows about, or wants to share, a basic end-user Windows 7 knowledge base archive. I just started my K1000 knowledge base section, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I did try searching for a similar query before posting this and found nothing, so if this does end up being a repeat, my apologies.

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  • Just share the link of the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) and let the users login and see it. I suggest you to use Markdown if the users are going to access it.
  • I do not know if this will help but here are some other ideas you can float around to put in your knowledge base section. Some thing that I have included in mine are simple request forms and details on how to fill them out. I also put up a section of how to take screen shots also included instructions on how to take a screen shot from a single screen for those who use multiple monitors.
    • Thanks JZycho, that's actually a great idea. We recently began using SnagIt instead of the Windows Snipping Tool. Quite a few of our users are still having problems getting the hang of it.
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