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It seems that prior to KACE version 9 there was a bug that emailed a ticket owner when a new ticket was created.   I contacted support and they told me it was a bug and KACE was never supposed to work that way.  Well we have several users that rarely get to a computer like our maintenance staff that relied on that email to do work.    There is no check box to send an email to the ticket owner upon ticket creation and I really think there should be.

I have read some scenarios about doing this via a custom ticket rule but none of that is very clear to me as I am not a SQL person and most of the information I have found is years old.    Can anyone outline in more of a step by step fashion how to do this on my ticket queues?

I would like a rule to email the ticket owner as soon as a new ticket is created.   We have several categories that get automatically assigned to a specific owner when it is created by the submitter.

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  • Glad I am not the only one who used this "bug" to my advantage. I noticed it recently and it seems if the ticket is created without an owner (or owner is left as the default owner of the queue) it will still email when it is manually assigned to the new owner. I have some users setup to NOT get ALL ticket notifications and ONLY the ones they are the owner of. Also, this affects emails to Owners from an auto-assignment based on the category (Category Owners). Only way we have been able to get by is to constantly check your ticket queue. Not an ideal solution since we do not have our SMA open to the Internet and emails can go to phones. Can't check the queue from your phone this way.
  • I would like this functionality. Apart from the other problems I am having just getting emails to trigger we have several vendor Q's (third parties) that when we log a ticket and put it into their Q it would send them an email (so that it would generate a ticket in their system)

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