I want to have a notification for every time activity is changed in my smart label. My other question is - do you have manually take a computer out a label? So if I have an Inventory smart label and the computer gets assigned to a new branch label - would it automatically be removed from the Inventory label?
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Automating stripping a label is a tricky situation. There are deffinately ways to have machines remove themselves from smart labels by specifying definitions. I would think that this process might work:
Create a smart label called New Inventory
New Inventory Smart label Requires: Label Names = '' or Null or 'New Inventory'
Then when machines check in if they dont have a label they get assigned to 'New Inventory'. Once you put a machine into a different label on check in the requirements should move them out of the New Inventory label.
Answered 03/22/2012 by: Roonerspism
Second Degree Brown Belt

  • So I'm checking in new machines by an ip scope rule for my smart label. Would I want to include the "Null" rule in as well?
  • If you've got an ip scope for detection of new assets (I'm guessing your imaging network is segmented from production network?) then you dont necessarily need a rule to detect for machines with no label. Remember though if you have a 'null' detection it should be an 'or' detection in the smart label with the 'new asset' label detection. otherwise it will add a machine then remove a machine then add the machine, and so on and so forth. It really depends on how much redundancy you want though, ie machines deleted and re-added, machines imaged in the field etc.
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Not sure about the notification, but the smart label would depend on what criteria you set for the Smart Label to look for. If the criteria is still true for that computer, then it would stay in the label.
Answered 03/22/2012 by: WGM_Jeff
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  • Is there a way to automate stripping a label? So anything leaving our New Inventory smart label - it gets removed once it's assigned to a new label.
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