I am sure this has been asked before but I could not find exactly what I was looking for.  I have a queue set up that will primarily create tickets via email.  I will have a group of individuals that will monitor the queue and assign the ticket to themselves to work.  What I would like to have happen is an email sent out when the new ticket gets created to a distribution list.  I know an email will get sent out if I set up a default assignee, but I want to leave it unassigned to start.

I have set up ticket rules that will check every 15 minutes, but it will not work for "On Ticket Save".  Is OTS not the same thing as receiving (popping) a new email and creating a ticket?

Thanks for any help or alternative ideas.


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  • I get lost in my questions sometimes and ramble. I will try to explain.

    I have several remote users that work out of their trucks. The easiest method for them to create a ticket is to send an email to a mailbox I have set up call ITSupport. The Kace queue will Pop mail from this mailbox and create a ticket. By default I do not have any owners set up as a default for a category. I want to leave the owner unassigned. As soon as the ticket is created I would like an email to be sent to a predefined distribution list notifying them that there is a new ticket. Who ever is working that shift will go into the kbox site and assign the ticket to themselves.

    What I am unable to get working is that email notification immediately when the ticket is created from the email. The only way I have been able to get it close is via a rule that runs every 15 minutes. I was just hoping for something closer to real time than 5 minutes.

    Thanks Wildwolfay for your responses. I appreciate them.
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I'm exhausted and completely misread your question.  You can use the below info (as I won't delete the comment) but yeah, not what you were looking for.  Sorry.


If you google "KACE EMAIL ON TICKET CREATION" there is a good FAQ from support there where you can start to make some rules.  All of my notifications, personally, are set to TIMES or they don't kick off.  If you have notifications set for OTS then they only shoot off when the ticket saves AND they meet the criteria.  TL;DR:  Notification / time based ticket rules should be on a timer, appropriately.  I'd post my personal SQL for notification for unassigned tickets but it was one of my first SQL's and is completely ugly and messy but works and I don't want to embarras myself :(


i think what you've touched on is the fact that when ticket rules shoot off, they don't actually update the ticket or the MODIFIED.  What I have done is add thsi to the UPDATE section for most ticket rules that involve rotate notifications:

 update HD_TICKET

(The VALUE10 +1 is actually a COUNTER that I have, so when the rule kicks off on the same ticket 3 times, meaning 3 notifications were sent, another ticket rule shoots off based on that counter to notify someone else, sayyyy a manager? :P)


For unassigned tickets specifically, I actually don't have it update because I want emails going out hourly.  (just set the rule to ticket hourly with the business hours work around in place)



Answered 10/04/2013 by: Wildwolfay
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  • It sounds like you are saying that a ticket that is created via email would not trigger and OTS rule. Is that correct?
    Thanks for replying to my question.
    • Well it sounds to me like you have set times for the ticket rules to kick off or have time passed NEEDED in order for a ticket rule to kick off, and so when a ticket creates that time passed hasn't been met yet?

      am I understanding??
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