Using the old WIM method in 3.4 I was able to grab the WIM petemp and modify it without having to recapture it.  Is it possible to modified the WIM using the new native imaging in 3.5?

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The path to the WIMs is now \\k2\peinst\wim

Answered 05/24/2013 by: nheyne
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  • So when you duplicate a native WIM image it actually makes an additional copy of each WIM? So if I have multiple system images that point to the same WIM I have to update each WIM?
    • I don't capture WIMs with the K2 so I am trying right now to see. We capture with GimageX, and I am testing a new way to capture with a custom .iso KBE using WinPE 4 which supports the Dism /Capture-Image command (only available in 4).
    • Looks like the WIM is not available in that folder, I can't see where it got put after I captured one. Another reason I don't use this option...
      • It puts it in \\k2000\peinst\wim\## where the hashes are replaced with the image ID. This folder only will show after a WIM image has been successfully captured.
  • But you are unable to modify this file correct? Also it creates a new WIM every time you duplicate an image? Seems like a terrible waste of space.
    • Yes, there is only read only access to peinst. Yes, duplicate does just that: makes an identical copy of the wim.
      • So basically it takes away the main reason most people want to use WIMs, offline servicing using MS tools?

        Also why would it duplicate the entire folder? K-Imaging doesn't duplicate all the files.
      • If offline servicing is the main reason you want to use WIMs then by all means you can still use imagex from the Recovery command prompt and capture to petemp or write a script to deploy a target WIM via a kimage deployment.

        Kimage doesn't duplicate all the files because they are actively deduplicated and all files are stored in the same database.
  • It never showed up for me, the wim folder is empty after a successful capture
    • If you are using GImageX then your WIM will be captured to the location that is specified in the application. Images in the peinst/wim folder are those captured using the built in WIM capture process.
      • Yes I know, I just did a capture through KACE and it never showed up in the wim folder
  • Are you certain that you are using K2 3.5 and are also choosing the Windows Imaging Format option?
    • Yep. Another thing I don't like is that the KACE capture option has to store the WIM on the local drive first during the capture, and then it will copy it up to the K2. Very annoying to create images virtually because I have to expand the partitions out just for that.
      • Very odd that it is not showing up after completing the capture. Are there any folders at all under \\k2000\peinst\wim?
  • Nope just an empty wim folder. The image will deploy though, so it's somewhere...
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