Having this same issue:

I have done all the suggested items listed

Anyone else have a E7450 with headaches?

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that is typically due to lack of an ip on the machine due to missing nic drivers

if you open a command window under recovery do you see a nic with an IP assigned?
Answered 02/12/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • agreed that would normally be the issue. but I have the supplied drivers in the folder and it still isn't working.
    wasn't sure if anyone else was having this issue and maybe Dell hasn't released new enough drivers?

    Still something I am not doing? I have tried booting into KBE 3.0, 4. and 5.0 and all fail the same way.

    • If you are getting the X: prompt like in the other question do an ipconfig and see if you have a nic installed and have a valid ip.
      • yup tried that and I am not getting a IP... I am sure it is a driver issue... but any suggestions?
      • you may be getting old drivers or just missing a step to get them into your boot env. download the file from dell support for that model and expand the download to create the install directory. copy all the files in the expanded install dir to \\ikbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x64 or \\ikbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x86 in some subdir you create. recache the drivers and use either MM or KBEM and upload a new kbe and try that one, if it works make it your default boot after that.
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I got it to work....

I deleted the whole folder structure and started fresh... 

and then rebuilt KBE 

Everything works great

Guess I should have just done this but I just could see why adding the drivers didn't just work? I put them in the same fold structure as the old ones.
Oh well it works and moving on.

Answered 02/12/2015 by: nickbaldwin86
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Bear in mind that the drivers you add have to match the version of WInPE you are using, and not the operating system you are deploying. From the WinPE command prompt, you can use DRVLOAD to dynamically load NIC drivers (or any other device drivers for that matter) from a USB key or any other connected source.  You need the INF SYS and CAT files as a minimum.
Answered 02/12/2015 by: EdT
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Try to install new and network updated drivers for your system. Or try to renewing your IP address. Check Dell Latitude E7450 Manual for renewing IP and other dell laptop network setup troubleshooting details. 
Answered 01/31/2017 by: vutyba
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