I have the following turned on but none of those not generate any e-mails:


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  • Don't see an image if you uploaded anything but did you make sure that the KBOX can send outbound emails?

    The check boxes for the queue only work after the ticket has been saved and that then changes are made to it.

    The submitter check boxes can be used to email the submitter if there is an owner change.

    If you haven't I would test sending outbound email from Settings > Support > Troubleshooting tools> Run diagnostic tools

    Change Ping to Email sending and type in your email and test.
    • Sorry, the screen capture does not work. None of the e-mails on event work for us, regardless of the ones I check off. However, the ones in ticket rules work.
  • Ok - I had read somewhere else that these did not work. How about creating a ticket rule? I am not familiar with SQL coding so I was looking for coding that would do the following: 1) Send e-mail to recipient when a ticket is assigned. 2) Send e-mail to worker when ticket status changed to "Need more info"?
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