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Hi everyone,

Every other month or so, we'll get some vulnerability alerts saying that some machines have an outdated version of Firefox installed. We'll go in to the systems to see why the patching may have failed only to find that there are two installations of Firefox, one in the "Program Files" folder and one in the "Program Files (x86)" folder. One of them is updated to the newest version, but the other is lagging behind and no longer updated, hence the alert.

I have gone through manually and removed the second out-of-date version on some occasions, made scripts to clean out the offending out-of-date folder and even wiped and reinstalled Firefox completely off of some machines, only to have some pop back up in the alerts for the same reason a few months later.

I was curious if anyone else had this issue at any point, what you did to fix it and what is the cause/how to trace the cause. Thanks.

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